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Better Management for a Changing World Videotape Series

Dr. Suarez has shared his expertise through the production of several publications and instructional videotapes on teamwork, organizational redesign, and managing fear in the workplace. He collaborated with the late W. Edwards Deming, serving as a facilitator during his famous four-day quality. Suarez also served as advisor to Clare Crawford-Mason Productions in its adaptation of The Deming Library Videotape Series for Spanish-speaking audiences.

He was a major contributor to the ManagementWisdom.com's videotape series, Better Management for a Changing World, which has been featured on public television. In the final three tapes of the seven-tape series, Suarez is the principal speaker, focusing on management (rather than control) of fear in the workplace. Dr. W. Edwards Deming appears with Dr. Suarez in this videotape series.