J. Gerald Suarez Consulting, LLC

"Dr. Suarez is a very engaging and energetic instructor, I enjoyed his style, it also helps keep the class to pay attention when he uses real world examples and stories to support his instruction."

Lockheed Martin

Dr. Suarez was hand picked to serve as a Lockheed Martin Visiting Technical Fellow. In this role he offered strategic insight and expertise into helping Lockheed Martin shape its future and accelerate their migration from defense to a global security company. His contributions included developing strategies to enhance Science/Technology/Engineering/Math education in the U.S.; facilitating nonlinear thinking sessions with Lockheed Martin's scientists and engineers as well as facilitating interactive planning sessions with Lockheed's leaders and Fellows. He facilitated Strategic Environment Exploration Roundtables (SEER), by briefing challenges associated with selected future scenarios and led scenario formulation and scenario planning sessions. He also served as speaker and consultant to various Lockheed Martin businesses in Pennsylvania, Louisiana, New Mexico, California, and in the headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland.